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Candidates attend mandatory orientation sessions and receive field handbooks.Course syllabi outline objectives, requirements,and assessment criteria and are aligned with state and professional standards, Collaborative development of assessments,
The unit and program level assessments align with the 24 education candidate proficiencies.

Unit Assessment System Developers and Evaluators
Professional Community's Involvement in Unit Assessment System
Transition Points
Key Unit Level Assessments
Alignment of Unit Assessment System with the Conceptual Framework
Unit Assessment System's Alignment with Standards
Ensuring Assessment Procedures are Fair, Accurate, Consistent and Free of Bias
Who Collects and Enters the Data into Tk20 and When?
Who Aggregates and Disaggregates the Data and When?
Who Disseminates the Data and to Whom and When?
Who Summarizes and Analyzes Program and Unit Level Data and When?
How are Assessment Data Shared with Candidates, Faculty, and Others?
Process Used for Making Program and Unit Changes
Examples of Changes Made Based on Assessment Data or Processes
Other School Professionals and "Hybrid Programs"
Professional Dispositions Assessment

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